Move Out Notice

The process of vacating an apartment is quite similar to resigning from a job. A notice from your side is always required to get permission for leaving the house. It is known as move out notice, that needs to be dispatched at least 30 days prior to the date of leaving.

While buying or selling rental properties, you have to follow certain legal procedures to prevent getting into trouble in the future. Also known as vacate notice to landlord, it is handed over to your landlord if you have planned to vacate his property before expiry of the agreement. These notices are usually accepted if you abide by the rules set for it.

How to Give Move Out Notice

You have to write the letter of intent and retain a copy with yourself. The letter is addressed directly to your landlord, or to the owner of the property. You have to explain a valid reason for leaving the house and ensure that no major damage has been caused. If your landlord has taken a security deposit from you in the beginning, then the amount will be refunded within a specific time period. These are the basic things that must be included in the notice to vacate rental property. The notice period is usually 30 days, following which you can empty the apartment.

Move Out Notice Sample
Landlord’s Name:
Address of Rental Property:

According to the terms and conditions, signed by me in the agreement papers, I notify my intention to move out of the house 30 days before the date of leaving. Please note that I shall vacate the apartment on [Date] on grounds of urgency. [Mention a valid reason]. I ensure that the house will be cleaned once I have shifted my belongings, and that no damage has been caused to the property. The keys will be handed over to you on the same date.

I would also like to mention that my security deposit of [Amount] is with you, which has been paid on [Date]. I would be glad if you kindly let me know the mode of return payment of the full amount. I expect you to refund the amount within a maximum period of 30 days of my leaving. You can contact me at the address given below for further assistance or clarification.

Thanking you,

Your Signature:
Your Name:
Address Details:
Contact Number:

Conversely, a move out notice can also be sent by landlord too, if he has planned to let his house on lease. In such cases, a notice to vacate will be sent to you for vacating his property. The format of such letter is almost the same as the sample presented to you. A 30 days notice to landlord is usually issued if you are vacating the house before expiry of the agreement.

The letter must be concise, and you should write a logical reason for leaving the apartment. Mention the amount of security deposit, as stated in the agreement so that everything is transparent between you and your landlord.

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