Questions to Ask when Renting an Apartment

Renting an apartment is not something you do everyday, is it? This isn’t an easy task. It can take a week or even a month. This is because sometimes, you find what you want immediately and sometimes, it takes ages for you to settle down on something that you have in mind. So, how do you know whether you want a particular apartment or no? You start with making a checklist; questions you would want to ask while renting. These questions will help you understand what it is you want in your apartment and what is it that you don’t want.

List of Questions

  1. How much is the rent? Is it negotiable? Is there a security deposit? Is the first month’s rent required?
  2. What is the duration of the lease agreement? Does penalty exist on termination? Utilities included/excluded?
  3. Who will be taking care of apartment maintenance?
  4. Are we entitled to use the elevator?
  5. Are any of the roofs in leaking condition?
  6. Does the apartment have smoke alarms and sprinklers?
  7. Is the fireplace in working condition? Is the heat controllable?
  8. Are actual plants allowed in the house? A Christmas tree?
  9. Is there a problem with the windows? Do they all open?
  10. What is the exact storage space?
  11. Can we use the grill in the balcony?
  12. Is there a peep hole? Any other security measures?
  13. Is the space outside the door and the apartment monitored?
  14. Can we paint the walls or make other changes to the apartment?
  15. Will our old furniture fit through the door of this new apartment?
  16. Is there a slider door in the apartment? Does it lock safely and properly?
  17. Are any pets allowed? What are the rules and regulations for them?
  18. Is there a gas or an electric stove in the kitchen?
  19. How many kitchen appliances are included in the kitchen and covered in the rent?
  20. Do the dishwasher and the microwave work?
  21. Is there a bathtub in the bathroom? Does it work properly? What about the shower system?
  22. Is there enough space for towels and toiletries in the bathroom?
  23. Do the vanity lights work efficiently enough to apply make up and shave?
  24. How is the bathroom placed from the living area? Is it visible if the door is kept open?
  25. Is parking included in the rent? If not, how much extra do we need to pay?
  26. If it has snowed, who will be plowing it? Do we need to pay for that? If yes, how much?
  27. Does tandem parking exist? Is coordination required?
  28. Is any sort of permission required while renting the parking?
  29. What is the positioning of the apartment?
  30. Is there a grocery store nearby? Which one? How close?
  31. Is there a drug store or a chemist nearby? Is it open in the nights too?
  32. Is there a hospital close to the apartment? Is the hospital well equipped?
  33. Is there a gas station nearby? How close? If not, how far?
  34. What are the public means for transportation close to the apartment? How frequent?
  35. When is the picking up of trash? How frequent is it?
  36. Is there a clubhouse? Are guests permitted with members?
  37. What are the amenities that are available in the clubhouse? Gym? Steam? Sauna?
  38. Is there a swimming pool? Details?
  39. Is there a temple/church/mosque nearby? How close?
  40. What is the traffic scene around the apartment? Is there a highway let out nearby?
  41. Do the lights on the street come inside the house at nights?
  42. Are there restaurants/pubs/hotels/game zones nearby that have loud music in the nights?
  43. Are there a lot of dogs in the neighborhood? Do they bark a lot?
  44. Do the street lights shine a lot? Does their light come in the rooms?
  45. What is the crime rate in the neighborhood?
  46. What are the other tenants by profession? How many are there? Do they have noisy children?
  47. Is there a park or mall nearby that will cause a problem to our parking space?
  48. Are there offices nearby that open too early, before you want to be disturbed in the morning?
  49. What about the eviction notice? What will be the procedure?
  50. Are there more students or families living in the locality?

Now that you know these questions, the whole process of renting an apartment will be much easier. Remember that asking these questions isn’t the end of it all. You personally need to go and verify everything. This is just a checklist to remind you of all the necessary points. Visiting the apartment personally will help you remember even more questions as every apartment is different and there may be some things you would want to verify.

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