Rental Application Template

Real estate is a difficult market to deal with, as there is a high level of demand and substantial increase in the prices. On the other hand, the supply side of this market, or rather the availability of land is quite limited. This has inflated the cost of real estate, lease costs, and rent amount. Apart from this, getting rental properties has also become quite a difficult task due to the fact that there are simply too many people bidding on the property. The best way to get an edge over the other bidders is to write out a genuinely good rental application.

The Basics

A rental place or a property that has been taken up on a lease is on the basis of a legally en-forcible contract between you and the landlord. Your rights to use and occupy against the rent paid out to the landlord are the two considerations of this contract. Now, as an applicant for the real estate or apartment, you will have to state very clear facts in the application.

The first fact that you will have to state is your age and marital status. Next, indicate the status of your employment, and also mention your monthly income. A steady income implies that your landlord is going to get the rent on time. Apart from this, the landlord will also calculate a debt-to-income ratio, in order to ascertain whether you shall be able to pay the amount easily or not. You can also state your profession and your tentative work timings. Lastly, you can also present a series of personal reference letters, as it would perfectly reflect your own personality. Also, note that the landlord is bound to conduct a background check on you, and it would be better to politely disclose any record that would be viewed to be negative (for instance, bankruptcy, federal offense, etc.). An honest disclosure would obviously prove to be effective.


The rental application is fairly easy to draft, and you can follow this example to make one for yourself.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is __________, and a week ago, I came across your advertisement of apartment availability in the _____ newspaper. The locality where the property is situated is also a very peaceful one, and I would certainly be happy to move to this place.

I am a 25-year-old editor of a financial magazine and work from 9 in the morning to 6. I usually leave my house by 8:30 a.m. and return by 7:30 p.m. I am an avid reader and like to keep to myself; hence, you will not have the nuisance of any kind of loud, blaring music, crowds or parties. I am unmarried and rarely have any visiting relatives, though some friends will drop by very occasionally for a game of chess. I also abstain from any kind of alcohol and smoking, or for that matter, any addictions, which would save a lot of complaints. Weekends and holidays are dedicated to piano playing, and I assure you that would be very soft and the sound would not escape my apartment.

I am a good cook, dog lover (though I don’t have one), and am great with kids. I also do not mind helping out any of my neighbors. I have attached 4 personal reference letters, namely one from my current landlord, from my current neighbor, one from my boss, and one from my music teacher. Apart from this, identity proofs and other financial statements have also been enclosed.

I hope that you find the references satisfactory. Awaiting your reply.

Thanking you,

(Your signature)

Some people are not comfortable with disclosing their income to the landlords. Hence, in such a scenario, the employer or the bank can issue a statement, stating that the applicant has an income that can sustain the rent easily. Apart for this, you will also have to worry about the cosigner for the rental agreement and have to arrange for a renter’s insurance. You will have to use the agreement – the rental application form – which you will have to submit to the local governing body.

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