Vital Information About Vacation Home Rentals and Rental Agreements

On your next outing, why not treat yourself and your family to a vacation home rental. Just visualize yourself relaxing in a hammock outside the rustic log cabin, enjoying the breeze blowing through the trees, listening to the birds chirping, ensconced in the lap of Mother Nature. Imagine yourself unwinding, far away from the pressures of the office and the frantic pace of the daily grind. Indeed, a vacation can become extra special by opting for a vacation home at a destination of your choice, not only for you and your spouse, but also for the kids, who are bound to love it.

These homes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and prices. From quaint cottages by the lake to luxurious beachfront homes right at the edge of the sea, or if you want, it could be a traditional stone cottage in the highlands of Scotland, or a condo or an apartment in the middle of a city of your choice, or perhaps a cabin in the middle of the woods or on a snow-filled ski slope. You can get properties that can accommodate single or more families, some of them for short-term rentals, while others could be ideal for corporate housing. The prices vary according to the location, the size, and of course the amenities. In other words, you can find one that will suit your requirements, taste, as well as the budget.


Many vacationers are realizing that it is far more advantageous to stay in a vacation home and are choosing to do so whenever they travel on vacation. Some of the essential factors they look for are only available in such homes. For instance, apart from the extra space, where a whole family of four, can have a room for each person if a 4-bedroom house is taken, there is also an option to cook in the kitchen, and eat meals in the dining room. Many of them also have Jacuzzis or private swimming pools.

Also, people can maintain their own routines, having the freedom to come and go as they please, without having to subject to hotel rules and regulations. In addition, when people travel with families or in groups, these homes turn out far cheaper than hotels, which charge per head. In fact, it is a home away from home which a hotel room can never be.

Things to Consider

The following are a few things you should consider when you choose your vacation home:

  • If it is a short-term rental you are taking, check the minimum days you can stay here. While some places will allow just five days, others will let you stay even for a month.
  • Check if the house is well maintained. Also, find out the services that come with the house and if anything is complimentary.
  • Confirm the amenities that are supposed to be included with the house. If there is a swimming pool, find out if it is screened or heated. Also check if extra charges will be added for the same.
  • Another aspect that you should consider is the type of house it is, especially if you have a toddler with you, or an elderly or a disabled person. For example, a two-story type would certainly not be suitable in such a case.
  • Houses with scenic views of the beach or mountains, or even close to an amusement park are preferable.
  • Ask your friends and relatives about their experience living in such places. They can tell you what to watch out for.

The Agreement

Before confirming your decision, know the rental agreement in detail. While such agreements do differ from place to place, the following are a few common items that exist in most rental agreement forms:

  • The Terms of Payment
  • Refund Policy and Security Deposit
  • Check in and Check out times
  • Cancellation Policy (which include late arrivals, early departures, and no-shows)
  • Limitations on Occupancy
  • Description of the Property, and Items Supplied, such as Linens, Appliances, etc.
  • Care of the Property, Appliances, Furniture
  • Trash Removal and Cleaning Policy
  • Keeping the Home Secure Policy
  • Other terms could be Smoking Policy or Pet Policy

Try out a vacation home rental on your next vacation; you could end up creating lasting memories for yourself and your family.

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